A little history...

The Journey

SheNet Global started in the early 2000’s as an Empowerment Company. With our tailor made Curriculum, designed for developing Businesswomen, we engaged in over 100 Countries. For years we travelled, trained, workshopped, speech’d and trained. The results were evident. Books were written, Companies were established, Organizations, Schools, Institutions and many more.

Then there came... "The New Now". The unknown emerged and it seems that everything of yesteryear just disappeared. A new era, artificial intelligence and multiple “isms” that seems to project an ambiguous future. However, there is hope. Hope in the unification of talent, intellectual capital, experience and dreams. Hope in the ability of like-minded visionaries to bring forth a workable solution to the unknown, the insecure yet most exciting times in the history of humans. The now! The us!...and the future!

What is the Story?

The story of SheNet Global is not in a historical birth of an Empowerment Institution nor in the multiple market segments, nor in the wealth of experience we bring. The Story of SheNet Global is in the evidence of books that were written, businesses that were birthed, Institutions that were established. The Story is not within the Organization but in the stories of lives impacted, motivated, changed and their ability to infiltrate the markets and call to the deep of Identity and the desire to live life to its fullness in all its components.

What's our Stand?

This question can be summarized in one word : LIFE! Our objectives, materials, projects and spirit of empowerment stand for solutions where there are challenges, answers where there are questions and an ear on the ground to accept, embrace and live life to its fullest.



We speak not death but life.

We speak not lack but enough.

We speak not hate but responsible love.

We speak not destruction but building.

We speak not division but unity.

We speak not brokenness but wholeness.

We speak not backwards but forward.

We speak not fear but courage.

We speak not inferiority but heros.


The mobilization of women around the world and the activation of their talents, their skills, their abilities. Their resources and their willingness to complete instead of Compete. Unite willing hearts with willing hands, feet, minds and skills, across borders and airwaves.


We move towards the new, based on the experiences of yesteryear, the knowledge and understanding of true life principles the foundations of justice and equality within the reason of principles and values.