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Scarfs United

"Be part of a movement that will make history." We are creating the world's longest scarf, and it's not just a long scarf. This is a scarf that will tell a story composed of many. It will make an impact, it will change lives, it will UNITE, and it will make history. We invite you to take part in the journey with us...

  1. Write your name and the country you are representing. Any type of scarf or fabric is great to use.Be sure to use a permanent marker and have the writing visible.
  2. Tie your scarf or fabric together with your teammates, or send it to your regional representative and they will take care of it.
  3. Be sure to take a few photos, and email them to:


What the Scarf represents.

  • The longest scarf string in the world to be recorded in history.
  • United in the empowerment of Small, Medium and Macro Enterprise;
  • United in Business with ethics.
  • Rebuild economies through Business and ethics
  • Stop women and child trafficking.
  • Stop women and child abuse.
  • Take care of the elderly.
  • Take care of children and their rights.
  • Training in Principles that promote life, success and family.
  • Protect the Nuclear family.
  • Empowerment that last.
  • Unity – To unite nations and cultures. To celebrate being a woman and celebrate womanhood. Those who are satisfied with who they are.

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