Meet your dream team

Magda Odendaal

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Magda's journey in the corporate and business world, allowed her to scale on an international level as a business owner and facilitator for corporate development of executive and management levels worldwide.

Magda received special recognition for her International work when she was crowned First Runner Up for Mrs. United Nations in 2008 with the award for Best International Public Speaker. She received this reward again in 2009. Magda hosted a Radio Program in Cape Town for 7 years. She Guest Hosted Television Debates.

Magda is an International Ambassador for Unashamedly Ethical based in Cape Town South Africa, and also Co-Owner of South African Emporium LLC., Atlanta, GA.

As the CEO of SheNet Global, Magda's vision is to work with women from all around the world and empower them to strive for their best potential. Not only from a personal level, but also to make on impact on a global scale.

Dr. Judy Laird


In her early years, Dr Judy engaged in business affairs and ministerial work. For many years her passion revolved around the development of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Her goal was to awaken destiny through training, hosting motivational speaking engagements, and workshop conferences.

She has travelled to over 26 nations over the last 20 years, sharing her knowledge and empowering nations - impacting them from the top down. Her work with president’s wives, heads of Nations, Queens and other influential leaders, prepared Dr Judy for a time such as this. "Every leader impacts others by serving", is a concept she understands very well through her journey of serving Nations herself.

Her deep understanding of the essence of unity and the need to help restore broken lives, both personally and corporately defines Dr Judy. This has prepared her to lead SheNet Global into its next level of the new – "new".

Cristina Neculcea

Creative Director & International Development

Aside from her role with SheNet Global, Cristina is also the Founder and CEO of Vankoë Group, Inc., A branding and consulting firm that specializes in developing the first stages of startups and new projects within established companies. She has worked on several international projects and startups (and counting).

Cristina is a member of The John Maxwell International Leadership Development, and is affiliated with the Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education.

Cristina is passionate about helping others succeed in their business and becoming better leaders. Her goals and vision are to share her knowledge of the business world with up and coming entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, and especially influence the youth to become goal-oriented and positive influencers towards their peers and towards their self.

"The best gift you can give yourself, is a making a decision. The gift can especially become of good use if the decision is a good one."

Her vision for SheNet Global is to make sure that each and every member that takes part in our journey, will be well educated and well equipped with the essential skills needed to start a business.