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SheNet Global, Impacting women across the globe to bring tangible change in their Communities. Please support SheNet Global and join the unique “Invest and Expand SheNet GlobalProgram”, designed to advance existing businesses and assisting them in expanding to full capacity. By doing so, they will be able to serve Community Uplifting programs impacting their immediate Socio Economic areas through the unique SheNet Global program.

Impact the areas of need we cannot reach – but they can!!



Every woman has a journey. From birth till death. The journey tells a story – deep, wide, high and low. It is during these journeys that we all encounter great things, small things, painful things, exciting things. It mixes tears and laughter, deep mourning and extreme excitement. It touches our hearts, fiddles with our blood pressure and eventually influence our lives in who we are. It penetrates our Spirit, our Emotions and our Physics.

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SheNet Global Aim to Mobilize and Empower Women Globally through our 18 year old Network of Professionals. We founded our Mission on Business Principles according to the Bible, added to the force of Practical expertise and experience – in this way we Build Business, Build Relationships impact communities hands on and Set a Platform for Godly Inspired Business.


SheNet Global aims to Mobilize and Empower Women Globally:

  • Expand Existing Businesses through participation in the Unique SheNet Global Funding program;
  • Impact their communities through their Business by participating in the International Program and Expertise with hands on Mentorship for 3 years.
  • SheNet Global includes women in the General Marketplace. We motivate their participation in the Unique SheNet Global Strategy developed over many years to ensure a greater and more effective hands on participation in business, rather than being a mere employee.
  • SheNet Global imparts and empower Women in Ministry with a heart for the Marketplace and empower them to be a Spiritual Mentor with a greater understanding of Business on a Global platform.
  • Methodology:
    • Become a SheNet Global Member;
    • Participate on the Exclusive Global Forum;
    • Attend our World wide conventions;
    • Apply for Funding to Expand existing Business.
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