Every woman has a journey. From birth till death. The journey tells a story – deep, wide, high and low. It is during these journeys that we all encounter great things, small things, painful things, exciting things. It mixes tears and laughter, deep mourning and extreme excitement. It touches our hearts, fiddles with our blood pressure and eventually influence our lives in who we are. It penetrates our Spirit, our Emotions and our Physics.

The intelligentsia labels it Emotional Scars, Or Spiritual Experiences, or Physical upliftments and they treat it with this that and the other medicine, they provide Counseling and the Spiritual Leaders prompt us to pray, to seek the Lord and to go to Church. There they tell us to work, to win the lost, to feed the poor and to be faithful in our tithing, to be faithful in our Work for the Lord and to take care of the Church vision and mission. In the secular world, we are challenged to perform, to come with ideas, to create, to execute, to be excellent to meet deadlines, to honor the vision of the Company, to advertise, to sell, to perform the accounting duties to give our best for the Company. It is then when the mobile phone makes a “ping” and we are reminded that it is the Parents meeting at School tonight. We forgot to mention that the fridge packed up this morning and that the washing machine refused to spin dry! The call from mom to say that there is death in the family, and your husband that said “well, I think there is someone else” – and so I can continue, or the doctor says :”your tests are positive you have cancer, or, you have Aids, or you just had a stroke, more to come or even, your heart is in a serious condition, or mam, you have only a few more hours to live, let us call the family.

As horrifying as it may sound, it is real and it is true, and no one woman on the face of this earth is exempted of the package that will be dished out in the line of life, in whatever, or which ever row we might find ourselves standing.

But, when I first heard the words : “let your mess become your message” – smoke started coming out of my ears, because my mess was huge. I invested more than 1 Million $USD into several residential developments and was conned out of it all – by a so called “Christian Business Man” I just faced a personal disaster and lost my marriage of 27 years, my son just reported that the man whom he bought his business from will be jailed and that my son is about to, or have just lost everything he worked for, and invested into. My world fell to pieces!!!! I looked like a “scrambled puzzle” – the pieces were there but it made no sense. I was literally rock bottom. In this time of the cycle, no one would want to hear the words “let your mess become your message” - because you are simply too broken” It is at this point where nothing matters anymore – you are dead – although you breathe. The pain is so intense that you literally stop living – it becomes a mere existence. All of a sudden you are nothing….From a wife, mother, businesswoman, Spiritual Leader, Radio Presenter, International Facilitator for several Corporates and two Ministries at large…..suddenly – there was nothing! A whole heap of Ashes…..with me right on top of it!

We can all relate to my story, and we all have something to say, something to tell that will make others cry, laugh, mourn, be excited or simply say: “Well good to know that I am not the only one suffering” Right? I am sure your story is far more broken than mine, or less than mine….but still so broken and still so painful!

I travelled around the world for 18 years with several ministries and also due to the cause of my business that took me to many Countries as a Facilitator, Educator of Both Corporate and Spiritual Subject matter - my interaction Internationally with Radio Work, my involvement and crowning of First Runner Up Mrs United Nations 2008, Special Award Winning in 2009 – all of this combined - taught me so much about the very subject of Global Women!! I realized through all these encounters over all these years that NO ONE is excluded. When life hits – it hits hard. I worked with powerful and influential women and I still do. Some areas are Spiritual and some are Corporate. High Profile, self sustainable, well educated women. They in their own right are powerful and influential – yet Brokenness is a part of each and every one of them. With no exclusion. Did you ever wonder why?

I have done business in Malaysia, USA, UK, Canada, Africa, Hawaii, USA, Bahrain and other countries. I have been in ministry since the age of 6, travelling with my parents and grandparents spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to nations.
I have spoken on radios, hosted programs for many years, successfully raised more than $10 million USD for different Ministries and I administered my own two businesses, importing a Medical Device from Malaysia, branding and distributing it in different Countries while at the same time, did Residential developments and selling property. On Sundays I was on different pulpits, preaching the good news of the Gospel. All of this while raising my two sons Jean and Divan and keeping my family in tact.

During all these years my experiences accumulated into millions of thoughts ideas and relationships. I encountered deep and dark pain in my own relationships, while I was privileged to raise probably the two most fantastic sons in the world. They are almost perfect (in my eyes anyway) and every day of my life I make sure that they know that. My daughter in law Kirsty is a star. She is a beauty in her own right, and she can easily reach the First Page of any beauty magazine. The way she loves and raises our three grand children Connor, KayLee and Sophia. It is amazing – and looking into their little faces, I KNOW! There is a God Almighty that does nothing without a long term plan of His own, which according to His Awesome Character and deity, can only be good.

My other daughter in law to be, Le Jeandre, is a Spanish looking beauty, with her head screwed on so perfect that it is almost unfair that so much wisdom can come from such a young woman. She holds a BSc Degree, and Heads up a Division Of Distell in Cape Town South Africa. A Business and Corporate Force in her own right.
Our three grand children, Conner Kay Lee and Sophia are awesome and they give us so much pleasure. When they spend weekends and holidays with Nico and Me at the Beach house in Cape Town – we enjoy every minute of experiential participation in the development of their characters.

How does all of this happen? It is called life!!!!!!!!. The life which the Bible refers to as “the world we are in, but not from”!

Watching the news globally, nationally and locally – there is one huge message coming across – the world is in a big big mess. THE WORLD is confused, THE WORLD is broken and that is true, but it remains wonderful to know we are not from this old confused cosmic system! We have an origin and a final destiny that accumalatively cannot be compared with this sick and broken world. THAT IS WHY, we have to function in a worldly system. NO WONDER, we are so frustrated with the cosmic systems – we don’t belong here!!! We long for heaven where there is only one system – of course we will be frustrated with a far more lesser effective system, which we have to tolerate during our journey here on earth.
The worldly cosmic system dictates human made and human created systems. Every second a genius comes up with something new, something different – in the interim they tend to forget the ONE who created their brain capacity to think out and reason out and scientifically bring forth these theories. Millions and millions of ideas, thoughts, scientific codes, and much more – barks in our faces every second of our existence.

When difficult times come, when people hurt us, even our own parents or grandparents - those close to us, our husbands, children, it is how we deal with all of these variants that happens to us, which molds us and refines us. It is not what happens to us that makes us who we are, but how we deal with and handle the things that happen to us – that is what makes us who we are. The question always remains whether we have the skill to deal with this in a responsible, non destructive way.

It is what I saw in life, during my travels during my own trials and tribulations that I encountered the need for this unique Platform called SheNet Global. To connect with women around the world was part of the design of who I became, I would love to share this. It molded me into understanding the hearts and the passions of women, irrespective of race, of culture, country or any other factor – hence this opportunity to connect, to build, to share passion, to share business ideas, to build each other, to open doors, to protect, to love, to lead, to encourage, to train, to counsel, to pray and to minister a message of Good News in every aspect of life, especially in business. SheNet-Global is the opportunity to unite us in all of these things. To give the platform for each one of the thousands and thousands of women who has something to say, something to write, something to sing, something to share, something to teach, to simply just do that.

It is true that it seems very hard to understand life. But I have come to the conclusive revelation, that actually it is easy. Life is actually very easy. It depends on the skill each one developed to deal with life as it happens. It reminds me of my husband. He is a Pilot, Captain of International Flights – His only purpose is to Keep that plane flying – no matter what. Whether he loses and engine, or a fire breaks loose or whatever the scenario, he has to keep that plane flying and lead it to a safe landing. The only circumstance that will lead to a certain death is if you lose a wing….In SheNet Global we want to achieve the status of “Skilled not to lose a wing and how to keep flying”

The inclusive purpose of us being a Community is to Empower Business Women in such a way that their Businesses becomes the vehicle of change in their Communities. Their Business becomes the Tower of Light in their communities as they stimulate the Economic Growth and Socio Economic Growth of the Immediate Communities where they are operational. To come to the understanding that the Real purpose of a Business is not to Generate Money but to Generate Hope. The one component that everyone alive on this earth need – is Hope! Hope built on love and sincere interest to add value and cause change where change is needed.

My prayer is that SheNet Global will unite women across the world and bring opportunities to visit, to travel, to help to support. To visit ministries and Businesses where we share the same passions, to bring forth vision in action – not only dreams but to give the dreams FEET, so that they can run and become a witness. To share business where we have similar passions and become the Visionary of a dying and needing Community. To invest and generate investment opportunities for businesses.

SheNet Global desires to excite women to write books, to sing and make cd’s to write stories, articles, business ideas – and give it to the world, as a testimony and a witness that although we are not off this world, we are capable of functioning to The Glory of God – without denial, but with perfect liberty and peace – in the midst of everyone else around us being unhappy, unfulfilled.

  • To be up in a down world
  • To laugh in a crying world
  • To run in a crawling world
  • To lead in a leadership-less world
  • To speak where there is silence
  • To sleep in a sleep-less world
  • To change what seems unchangeable
  • To call what is “un-callable”- to life

Lastly my story is not one of name and fame. I know the face of rejection. When less deserved, most rejected. Rejection in relationships, in Business, in Church – all of them in different capacities and areas. I know what it is to have nothing, and I know what it is to have much. I know success, and I know failure in all aspects, Relationships, Business, Ministry and any other area you may think of. My talk is not mere talking, it is a justified version of life in reality. I have no desire to impress people – my only desire is that my offer that I lay down at the altar is worthy of its status of brokenness and nothingness, so that the Fear of God will take a hold of the hearts of People realizing that it is ONLY in and Through Him that every day of life is given as a gift, as a token of the Fact that He remains God the ultimate Authority. If one dares to step out of underneath the Umbrella of faith in Him – you step right into the playgrounds of a vicious Enemy who’s only desire is to destroy and kill you. To bring Shame and heartless destruction into your life. Only those who ultimately understand the joy of living a life surrendered to God, is a life worth living. Anything else is a disaster.

I made millions of USD and I lost it due to Characterless, corrupted CHRISTIAN business men. I invested a couple of million into a residential development with a “Christian Business man” – he conned my partner and myself out of all the investment money. After years and years of court procedures and prayer we still pray that one day we will somehow regain some of that investment if God willing. Not did we only lose the money but everything else. We lost literally everything, properties, homes, cars and much more. This is all in my books “Rise again” and “From Dust to Glory”. But I have learned that we are not always responsible for the fire in our lives, however, we do not have to remain in the ashes and “stink” like smoke for the rest of our lives either.

This man has gone to prison for 8 years – and my question is : “What is the GLORY TO GOD in all of this?

The answer:
My life should become that Glory,
Not because of me or my talent or ability,
But because of HIM who gives me all that!
As much as He gives it –
If we do not apply it-
It will have a zero effect!
It will remain a pain, hurt, a failure – unless we take certain steps to bring out the value of what happened and utilize the lessons learned to help others, NOT to make the same mistakes.
Thomas Edison : (Founder of the light bulb) was asked : “How does it feel to have tried a thousand times to make a light bulb and you failed?
His answer:
I have learned a 1000 ways, how NOT TO MAKE A LIGHT BULP!

WE HAVE TO develop our ABILITY to face the realities, to deal with what is real, with what we have inside of us, and in our hands! The point is WE still have to push the wheelbarrow if we want to build!
We were fraudulently conned out of a multimillion contract with the medical device we imported from Malaysia and distributed to clinics, hospitals and Medical Practices for over 10 years – this was done BY Government Officials and there is simply no way to bring them to justice. -. Even though it is evident and clear that it was fraud I had to give up because there is no way that you prove a Government Official wrong in a Country like South Africa!

I have been involved in addressing groups in Parliament numerous times, sitting and listening to Politicians, to Activists to Academics I know, and I can assure you – we all have similar stories. You, me, and many others like us.

I have learned that The God of the Suddenlies heard my cry and that some morning I woke up and in an instant He changed it all. Tears became tears of joy! Laughter as I share my love with a man that Loves God, who made it his one and only life Mission to serve and fearfully Honor the Almighty God. A man who lives the laws of life written in the Word of God and who’s life displays the evidence of the fruit as a result there off. A man who refined the meaning of True Love not only as a cliché but as a life style. A man who understands wisdom as a Practical life Style and it is evident in his life.

As I journey my life with my Nico I realize every day of my life that he is a Captain who not only defined the art of flying a 400 ton Steel bird across boarders of Coutnries, but defined the art to Love in a Biblical way. I sing of joy. You see there is hope and there is life after death. Hope for the ones who lost it all and thought it is time to depart from life to eternal life because there was simply no hope any more. Those who lost everything that defined them and who they were. They became some single struggling entity.

Here is how Nico explained it to me. “There come a day when GOD locks the door of the Ark. You see it was not Noah that locked the door of the Ark it was God! Why? Because God knew Noah would keep opening the door and go back to help the people. He would sunk the ark. Therefore God closes the door and there is nothing you can do. You will see how your loved ones around you drown in their unwillingness to surrender their life and they will call out for help from you but you will sail on – they missed the opportunity when it was given to them in grace, every time.

Therefore SheNet Global stand for and promote the Order of God. Aiming to restore the “safety on board” for those who walk within the laws of life given in the Holy Bible for both their businesses and their personal lives. The way given by the Bible is Simple and clear. It says: “ If you would, then I will. It is what Makes God – God. He keeps His word. He keeps His promises. This promise only kicks into reality at a time and a place when you are in right standing before Him! When you open your mind and heart to His Great intentions and His promise that He will turn everything that the Enemy has meant for Evil in your life, into good.

Splendid in His ways of excellence He will not give up!

Let’s take hands, join the sharing, the comforting and the multitude of entrepreneurial ideas, businesses, ministries and most of all, share in Glorifying the ONE GOD who made it all possible for us. The ONE GOD who ensures us that not only did HE gave His own Son to set us free, but that He will never leave us nor forsake us, and that He has given Us the liberty of His grace, the freedom to love and serve, and the right to be named :”Children of GOD”

Lastly the ultimate purpose of She-Net Global is to GLORIFY GOD for HIS GREATNESS and HIS GOODNESS!!

S - Sheltered
H - Him, The Alpha (beginning) and Omega (end)
E - Eternity (for ever and ever, Amen)
N - Never leave us nor forsake us
E - End (until the very very end)& Everything – ALL OF YOU – every part and dimension.
T - Tribe (every tribe tongue and nation)
G - Godly (Character, life style and principles)
L - Lost (to win the lost at any cost)
O - Over in Gloryland – we shall continue
B - Bible (The only guide)
A - Anthropos (The Greek for “no Gender” – in Him all the same)
L - Lord OF All!!!!!

Last night, sitting behind my piano, playing the song, “Lord you are more beautiful than diamonds, and singing and playing this song, I knew that this season is going to be a great season.

Welcome in joining in this beautiful and great season as we prepare to meet the Lord – joining hands as we enter this season where the signs of times have indicated – It is almost done. Thouzands of Professionals and others have indicated their participation. This is real and a radical action to change the world and impact nations – and you, are a part of it.

“Lord You are, more beautiful than diamonds”
“Lord You are, more precious than gold”
"Lord You are my everything”!

We have on board Professionals, around the world who are hosts of numerous and brilliant subject matters. By joining SheNet Global you become a part of Professionals supporting, advising and sharing what they have, not only in writing but also in action. Business is our aim. We share, we invest, we promote and the more we grow and strengthen the Business arena the more we will impact on Communities who indirectly supports the Business. And the more we will have the means to spread the Gospel through our Businesses and into our Communities.

Who are we?

  1. We have on board of our Key Note Writers, a Cardiologist from Argentina who is also a Profound world wide Speaker and International Leader for Evangelism, Business Ethics and much more.
  2. A Medical Doctor from Egypt – writes about Medical issues and Abuse. A Television Host impacting nations with her Programs for youth and others.
  3. A World wide known Beauty School Owner from Singapore – The treasure of beauty in Business, Ministry and in a Global context.
  4. A Professor of an International Business School – Emotional Intelligence and how to become an Emotional Intelligent Individual.
  5. A Professor of the University of Uruguay – Mandates on the impact of Integrity.
  6. Financial Adviser and International Business Consultant from the Hawaiian Islands. Profound experience in Global Franchising, Business Ethics and Models and Methods of being 100% effective.
  7. Professor Of Psychology University of Surabaya Indonesia – My struggle with Cancer.
  8. Global Professor on the use of Audio and Visuals from taking a picture to putting together visuals that will pitch your crowd to their feet.
  9. We have many Professionals lined up who are proof of the ultimate success due to their lifestyle of surrendering to God and all the Great and good principles given to us to be able to pour strength into Economies around the world.

And many many more, that will impact and change your life!

You will receive empowering materials, lectures, advise, on your business, on your ministry, on personal level and on Spiritual level. There are blessings (trips to Singapore, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Africa) which will be sponsored for eligible and potential needs and value added participants.

Experience our Unique Business Conventions every year!

2016 will be in Interlaken Switzerland!

May you experience SheNet Global as a source of change, impact and added value in your life. I am certainly delighted to meet you and I am sure all other members too. Please use SheNet Global and what it has to offer you as an Agent of Change, help and support to take you to the next level of your Business, your life and your goals! Your life should be the reflection of Glory, happiness and love, in the midst of your trials, your tears and your laughter.

Although our journey on earth is short, it should have value – let’s capture the value, apply the value, share the value and ensure that when you look back on your journey, and when those who know you look back on your journey, that it will be a story to be told to many generations to follow!

You are a blessing, and we surely want to have you share that with us!

With Much love

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