Frequently Asked Questions

We have started receiving a lot a questions regarding our website, and we hope that we are able to answer most of them below. Should you not see an answer to your question/concern, please e-mail us, and we will endeavor to answer them for you.

How secure is the payment by credit card?

It is very secure as the payments are being handled via PayPal and their secure servers.

Is SheNet just another type of social website, like Facebook, Twitter etc?

Certainly not; it is an exclusive network where contacts and resources are being shared.

Is this another scam or pyramid scheme?

In a pyramid scheme you have to bring one or more people in order to stay registered, and that person is to bring some more people as well, and so it goes on. At SheNet we ask for a YEARLY registration fee, and not an astronomical monthly fee.

What is the yearly subscription fee used for?

SheNet is funding various big projects worldwide, like water projects in drought-stricken countries, for instance, and is supporting several ministries linked to us; also, we are funding International SheNet Global Conferences, which is actually a continuation of Business Women’s Conferences we have been doing for many years, and it drives towards Successful Business in order to SUPPORT APPROVED MINISTRIES.

How does SheNet connect people globally?

The site has a systematical filtering system of Portfolios of Business, Ministry and Professions, which will connect likewise interests across the globe.

What is the aim of our website?

We aim to empower the individual, their business or connection to business, and also their ministries or connections to ministries. This includes VERY expensive training materials on all 3 areas, which any other social website would not give.

What is the difference between other social networks and SheNet Global?

SheNet Global has a selective and exclusive market. Our social network is NOT FOR exposing your entire life, sexual desires or public declarations. We are also not open for people who would like to see who has the dirtiest joke, or for personal vendettas. SheNet Global holds the right to eliminate membership if there is any indication of fraud, or other motives other than the aims and objectives of SheNet Global.

What makes us so unique from other social networks?

We are a Christian based network with practical outcomes based on principles for business, ministry and personal empowerment. The “Social Network” in SheNet is only ONE leg of the website. We are actually not a social network, but have a social network as part of the functionality to filter Data Base,, Profession and Key Impact Areas. The other legs are:

  • THE CORPORATE TRAINING – up-market, very global with key input, for example the World Bank, which gives daily updates, ad which is summarized under “Saucy Free Thinkers” and “Business Thesaurus”. We have to be informed, and SheNet gives that perspective.

  • INDIVIDUAL TRAINING AND EMPOWERMENT – for example: “Emotional Intelligence”. We have over a thousand topics that will be covered in due course.

What does SheNet Global do for its members?

We help businesses grow and empower them, and for this we need the expertise of other businesses. We require our members to give out of their abundance; if one business has 3 fax machines and the other needs one, we give. If my business is in Africa and I deal with shoes, and you are in Vietnam and you deal with shoes, we connect, and we share ideas and help each other. The ultimate aim of SheNet Global is to empower Christians and Non-Christians to support CHRISTIAN BUSINESSES and through this process support ministries. Very specific – nothing else.

Who are the writers on SheNet Global?

The writers on the website are international business professionals in their own right, who are willing to travel to conferences, who will be doing webinars, and who will be giving their expertise to our members exclusively. These writers were hand-selected and specialize in both ministry and business. They all understand the dynamics of urgency and why CHRISTIAN BUSINESSES should urgently be empowered to be able to empower the Body of Christ. The global perspective on Christians had gone through a radical change and all focus is on demoting, disempowering and paralysing all effort to grow the Christian faith. We have a SPECIFIC vision, and we target a specific market and, therefore, we have Development Directors who work personally with those they can reach within the criteria.

Are there any other purposes of the yearly subscription fee?

When something is free, it is open for anyone and everyone. Actually, nothing is ever free. Facebook, for example, earned billions out of advertising. However, they have to allow any type of advertising, and they have to tolerate any swearing, poking and others. We will not allow this at all. Also, if someone pays for something, THEY USE IT, because they have to get the value they paid out of it. Our objective is that they will USE the training, and that they will apply the business information and that they will participate in the projects. We do not want people to give money towards projects ever. What we are looking for is that, if there is a need for pots, pans, blankets, laptops, etc. that the item will be sent to the place of need – NO MONEY! Furthermore, we have to pay for the maintenance of the website, the writers, and other overheads and expenses, travelling to international conferences, and the funding of registered and approved projects.

Will we be able to advertise on the website?

The advertising phase will only be activated once the first 1000 members are on board. Our website is international and not only for South Africa. This will then be another income stream which will add value to the site.

Is this website for business people only?

No, it is also for the retired, not actively employed and available for the Lord. Retired people have SO MUCH experience, and a wealth they can share about either business or ministry. They will be interacting with businesses around the world and ministries around the world via the social network. There will be many people with the need to give or receive something, other than money. This way, SheNet Global becomes a platform for the people worldwide, where they can share their experience, apply their experience and if needed, we will put them on a plane and send them to where the need is. This is structured, organized and has an outcome which will ultimately bring the concept of entrepreneurship to support ministry, which, in essence, is what we want to achieve.

What are some of the themes that will be discussed and written about?

Right now, we have the following skills on our website, and many more will be added:

  • Communication
  • Capturing goals
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress
  • Effective Parenting
  • Saucy Free Thinkers (given to us by the Vice President of the World Bank daily)
  • Global Business Thesaurus (given to us by the Vice President of the World Bank daily)

On the advanced Skills and Motivational Business and Entrepreneurship, we have right now:

  • Dr Aldo Fontau on Cardiology of business – addressing Physical Heart Issues, and how that relates to business.
  • Parano Rosales, who addresses business in general, and he is developing Advanced Business Concepts, which will be radical and appropriate to current global business.
  • Dr Laila Wahba, who is a medical doctor and she addresses a professional approach towards medical issues and how that impacts business and ministry.
  • Jenny Setiawan, a psychologist. She has cancer and is sharing from a professional psychological point of view, how to cope with life, being educated, being saved and a Christian, but still face the reality of something like cancer and stand out in victory.
  • Jill Low, a business woman in Singapore for more than 20 years in Beauty as a commodity of trade, as an empowerment and education and life style, and also as a ministry.
  • Wes Bolt from Canada, who brings the best out in terms of gift assessment. Many people have all the potential in the world to be successful in business and to be a support in ministry, however they fail to reach ultimate success in business and their ministries, or other areas, because they are the most important factor – the identification of their gifts, and not only that, but the identification of the gifts of those under their supervisory, so that it can be utilized to promote business and support ministry, and on the other hand the effect of gifts assessment I ministry itself.
  • A pastor, Martin Nell, who will be bringing perspective on many diverse concepts in his articles of “Martin’s Lines”
  • Aunty Koeks with her daily prayers

Will SheNet be growing like other “social” networks?

We are planning another two phases in years to come, in which we are launching live conferences worldwide, and which will have live streaming facilities.

How will ministries be assisted?

We will identify ministries which will receive blessings in the form of music instrument, building materials, furniture, and office equipment.

Is SheNet for women only?

Although the content of SheNet Global is focused on the empowerment of women, we do accept male registrations, simply because the training and articles will be totally relevant for them to use. We do NOT promote feminism, we promote God’s order. We also need to register businesses, as well as ministries. Ministries have needs, but they also have gifts.

What is it in particular that SheNet can offer me which is so unique?

Other courses which will promote and further your business skills, would be costing in the region of US$ 1,000 (SAR 7,000) for the day. We are giving expert courses and skills development articles on our site, fully downloadable, for the amount listed on our site per year.

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