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SheNet Global is exactly what it says: A network for “She” – the rib that has been transformed into a Godly Image for a purpose and with a calling. SheNet Global is designed to reach two key areas.

ONE - Ministry and TWO – Business.

We welcome all genders to register and utilize what is given, however the content will focus on women in general.

By linking this in a globalized and contextual manner, we have succeeded to help ministries, to empower women, to force women into thinking, talking, planning, liaising, empowering and much more.

The annual subscription fee of $35 includes participating, conferencing, empowering and being empowered. Sponsored International Ministry and business visits and many other blessings – which are only possible to do through the hearts and actions of honorable Business Women, Women in Ministry, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Professionals.

SheNet Global stands for CHRISTIAN VALUES AND PRINCIPLES, and although we welcome all other religions to participate in the corporate essence, we base our foundational ethics on the Holy Bible written for followers of Jesus Christ. We believe that too much damage has been done due to Christian Businesses who deals in the emporium of dark-dealings, under the blanket associations and irresponsible decisions, un-informed decisions, emotional decisions. There are corpses along the road that should have been Giants in the Corporate and business world with a major influence in the field of Ministry. Principles apply that Christian business means, according to the right and righteous principles as per the Holy Bible. Ministry means the execution of the direct command of Jesus Christ to reach the ends of the earth with formidable impact to spread the good news of a life of Victory, in the midst of adversity and other earthly cosmic systems.

Our aim is to promote business, to promote success, to promote Spirit filled lives which are incorporate with the business, with the success. To lead, to guide, to educate, to create a platform for interaction, a platform for empowerment and a platform for the support of much needed ministry actions through the entire globe.

The Church has in many ways failed to bring these two dynamics together, and we need to stand in the gap to strengthen both the church and the economic environment, in order to Prepare the bride for the Second coming of Jesus Christ.

SheNet Global aims to connect, to mobilize to empower business, ministry and the individual. The Bible is very clear that the Lord wants to bless His followers so that they can be effective in what they do, with excellence and impact. He opens His heart to bless so that the blessing can be extended without the oh, so ever present self enrichment, self glorifying attitudes of this current generation.

The only way we can extend His blessing is through practical incorporation, practical application of the systems the world offers, being operational through the work, hands, hearts and intellect, filled with a Spirit, contrary to what this world offers.

This same blessing has the function to provide for the individual, their families and their societies. Surely the Lord knows that each human needs a bed, a blanket, food and a number of other commodities which we cannot be without, and without wish we cannot be fully functional and 100% effective.

SheNet Global aims to shoot straight to the heart, the brain and the Spirit, with information, with love, with compassion, with intelligence!


  • Any woman with a story ( we all have a story to tell) share your story, tell how your acted, reacted, impacted. Who helped you, what were the success factors and which were the failure factors. How did you overcome? You might just, through your story save many lives – which if untold, will be a treasure buried, with the potential to change lives, but with the history of zero impact. Your story is real, true, valid and needed.
  • Any Woman in business (no matter how big or small, if you operate from home, or from a building) - principles remains the same.
  • Any woman who thinks she might be an entrepreneur, or knows she is, or would like to become one.
  • Any woman who has a ministry. Share your vision, share your needs, share your heart, share God’s heart beat for your social community, your church, your children, any any ministry how big or small has a right to exist and has the right to access resources, empowerment, help or simply advise. Most of all it needs prayer, lots and lots of prayer. You can register as a individual and you can register your ministry.
  • Any woman who would like to start a ministry/business. We would like to help you understand the voice in your heart, and help you to make it happen through prayer and practical application. Through the setting of goals and the mobilizing of resources – all of it, within a current globalized perspective and globalized church, and also globalized economic environment.


  • Every individual creates a unique Username and Password.
  • This is the key to registration information which includes:
    • Name and address
    • Contact details (optional)
    • Business (This information you will be able to input into our social network section after registration)
      • Describe your business so that we can connect you to similar businesses around the world.
      • Share your expertise, your knowledge and opportunities.
      • Contribute to Ministries which you wish to support.
      • Tell us about other Businesses who might be willing to participate.
    • Ministry (This information you will be able to input into our social network section after registration)
      • Describe the Ministry.
      • Share the aims, the goals and the Challenges.
      • List the needs (resources, finances – anything that is needed to get the ministry to where it needs to be) Materials, written concern, blankets, computers (whatever the need may be)
    • Blessings
      • Send a blessing: Once you are registered, you will have access to all other members. Find someone you would like to bless, with a pen, or a book, or any love gift and simply do that!
      • Tell us about the blessing so that we can thank the Lord always for all the good things! Also, so that we can rejoice with every person out there, who receive something small and make them feel that they are worthy and that they count!
    • E-Books:
      • Any person who wrote something big or something small. Something which you wrote out of your own inspiration, and wish to share that with the members of SheNet Global. Motivational, Educational, or whatever is on your heart. Remember, EVERY FACE TELLS A STORY. We all have something in our life that can be a blessing to so many others! If you have a book, or wise motivations, or experiences – whatever! Share it on the E-book channel.
      • Secular as well as Spiritual. If you have business ideas, helpful and educational - every little thing is important to someone out there in the world who can say : “Wow, if she made it, so can I”
      • Share the steps you have taken to gain victory!
  • ADVERTISING: (This option will be launched during phase 2 of the SheNetGlobal.com website)
    • Due to the extent of this Global Network we have to provide a platform for Companies to advertise what they do. This is outside the personal registration of Individuals.
    • They register and then apply for Advertising. They can advertise what they do, what they sell etc.
      • We will not accept any Sexual related advertising!
      • Neither will we accept Multilevel Marketing Schemes!
      • Only Companies who are registered Tax Paying Business in their Countries will be accepted.
      • They will pay a annual fee for Advertising, which is renewable once every year.


By using this site you agree that SheNet Global will not be held responsible and disclaims all liability for any loss, liability, damage (whether direct or consequential) or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered as a result of or which be attributable, directly or indirectly, to the use of or reliance upon any information, links or service provided through this website.

SheNet Global will not be liable for any loss, damage including without limitation indirect or consequential arising from loss of data or profits arising from loss of data, arising our of or in connection with the use of this website.

Every effort is made to keep SheNet Global up and running smoothly. However, we might not have control if the site is temporary unavailable due to technical issues and we will endeavor to fix the situation as soon as it might arise.

You are hereby summonsed to use, enjoy and love the SheNet Global family, as we take hands and change the world with influence, knowledge, self knowledge and a definite decision to utilize every opportunity to explore every possibility and make every effort to become the best we can, which was ordained by Our Maker to bring out the best within us and extend that blessings to thousands around the world.

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